Unfurl Specific

See also the built-in Unfurl types.


  • add ‘any’ schema type for properties and attributes definitions

  • ‘additionalProperties’ field in type metadata

  • allow metadata field on inputs, outputs, artifacts, and repositories

  • add “sensitive” property and datatype metadata field

  • add “immutable” property metadata field

  • add “environment” keyword to implementation definition

  • add “eval” function

  • add “type” in capability assignment

  • allow workflows to be imported

  • workflow “target” keyword also accepts type names

  • groups can have other groups as members

  • An operation’s operation_host field can also be set to a node template’s name.

  • added OPERATION_HOST as a reserved function keyword.

  • add “discover” and “default” directives

  • add “default_for” keyword to relationship templates

  • add “defaults” section to interface definitions

  • add “types” section to the service template can contain any entity type definition.

Not yet implemented

The following feature are either not yet implemented or don’t currently conform with the TOSCA 1.3 specification:

  • The get_operation_output function (use resultTemplate instead)

  • “copy” keyword (use the dsl section or merge directives instead)

  • get_artifact function (only implemented for artifacts that are container images)

  • CSAR manifests and archives (implemented but untested)

  • substitution mapping

  • triggers

  • notifications

  • node_filters

  • xml schema constraints