Example 1: frustration-free install

Deploy a development environment on your local machine.

You can start using Unfurl in a few minutes, you just need a Linux or Mac machine with Python (2.7 or later), Git, and (for most uses) Docker installed. To install it run:

pip install unfurl

Now you can clone ensembles just like you would clone a git repository.

For this example, https://github.com/onecommons/unfurl_site.git is the git repository containing the source code to this website. It has a folder named unfurl that contains the unfurl project that describes how to deploy a local copy of the website and its development environment.

To clone it,

unfurl clone https://github.com/onecommons/unfurl_site.git#:unfurl

This will clone the git repository into folder called unfurl_site just like git would. It will also create a new ensemble in that folder that is specific to your local machine.

Now you can deploy your local ensemble, just type:

unfurl deploy unfurl_site/unfurl

If you just installed unfurl this will take a few minutes as it creates your unfurl_home and installs its dependencies. Then it will deploy the ensemble and the final lines of output should look like:

  > Outputs:
  >  site_url:

You can now visit to see the website you just deployed.

unfurl stop unfurl_site